The Power of Online Fundraising

There’s no denying that the way people choose to make charitable donations has changed. Charitable giving is more online-centric than ever before, meaning supporters give money simply and quickly, and sometimes just at the touch of a button. Throwing social media into the mix with people able to easily share and encourage friends to donate to a cause they support, or share every time they make a charitable donation.

Online giving can also be a particularly secure way to donate money, and allows charities to receive a steady flow of contributions.

With more and more of us conducting our every day lives online these days, it’s not surprising that online shopping has become a mainstay in our homes and it’s this that offers charities huge potential in terms of charitable giving.

Our shopping App enables you to support your charity raise much needed funds at no cost to you or your charity each time you shop online. It’s quick, easy to use and totally safe.